August 21 Primaries Preview

Wyoming (Polls close 9pm EST)

WY R-Sen Primary (Ballotpedia | NYT / DDHQ/Vox / SoS)

WY R-Gov Primary (Ballotpedia | NYT / DDHQ/Vox / SoS)

WY R-Gov Primary MoV (Ballotpedia | NYT / DDHQ/Vox / SoS)

Will early market favorite and Trump Jr.-endorsed (and now Trump-endorsed) businessman Foster Friess defeat the conventional choice in state treasurer Mark Gordon?  The polling is weird.  It’s a three-way race.  I’m just hoping that it doesn’t overrun the range in the MoV market, though these 3-way races with lots of undecideds often do.  For more detail and color, check out @baseballot’s preview on 538.  Trafalgar has Friess significantly stronger in the Southwest corner of the state, though it’s Trafalgar and that region has the fewest votes anyway.  Fingers crossed for a close race!

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